Saturday, May 31, 2008

Does SEO Mean "More Traffic"

Some SEOers now concentrate on getting more traffic as their premier goal, because most business owner can not wait for months to see the improvement of their ranking in search engine. The Boss is the boss; they care more about the result, especially the small business owner.

Actually, the word "SEO" does not mean "getting more traffic". Even those who have no knowledge of SEO can get much traffic. We have different ways to get traffic: Emailing, Ads on other sites, affiliate program, or even buy the traffic...All those ways may get significant traffic to a site, but they are not SEO method, because they can not ensure the rank in a search engine for a search term.

Emailing, when someone receive your mail, and he opens and clicks on your link, they are your traffics, but the inbound link served as a determined factor for search engine ranking does not include the link in one's mail. So whatever it's a text link or an image, search engine spider does not recognize the link in one's mail

If you have enough budget, you can advertise on other sites by putting your banner on their site. But remember that the search engine spider does not visit the words on any image, so your banner can not affect your search engine ranking, even though they can bring so much traffic to you.

Affiliate program is now a popular way to get traffic, and it is both welcomed by the business owner and SEOer. Firstly, it usually does not cost if affiliate does not generate any sales. Secondly, SEOer may get many backlinks through affiliate program and some backlinks where the page has high PR and highly related content can improve the link popularity and so they can improve your search engine ranking. The important is to offer both banner link and text link to your affiliate.

Some business owner may be not patient enough and want to get traffic in a very short time. Yes, it exists the way to get much traffic in one night - we can buy the traffic from others. It's simple and quick, some traffic provider robot generated traffic b which the hits are generated by the script. There are also traffic providers who offer traffic through PTP (pay to promotion) system by which the traffic is generated by human and sometimes they can even boost your business. But SEOer need to pay attention to the purchase of traffic, because some search engine like Google will block the site of which traffic is boosted in unusual way.

So, we have a choice to decide, boost your traffic now or let SEO do his job to improve the search engine ranking which is a long term strategy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Increasing Link Popularity with

There are many manners how to improve popularity of Links. If you are a webmaster which is hungry for a better row in search engines, this article was written for you. There are hundreds of factors which determine your position of Search Engine. Except factors of on-page there are factors of in the off-page too. And these factors seem to be most important for large search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

When I speak about off-page factors like Link Building, I mean not only the number of the links pointing to your website. If you want to achieve top positions in search engines you must care about relevance of your back links. Let's say you are a web designer. In your case the most valuable links are from another web designers websites. Very valuable will be links from related industries like web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) or webmaster tools. By contrast, link from site like online casino will have minimal value for you. From this reason exchange links with relevant websites only. Internet is full of sites related to yours so why waste your time with gaining worthless back links?

The glance of Let to other factors used by search engines to determine the value of the back links. You probably heard "one-way" and "reciprocal" links. One-way links are links where webmaster of site A links to site B but webmaster of site B doesn't link back to site A. Reciprocal links are links where webmaster A links to site B and webmaster B links back to site A. There are two important facts:

1. One-way links have a little higher value for search engines. Search engines suppose that one-way links are most likely natural and predicate the quality of the linked website.

2. Reciprocal links have a little lower value from the reason mentioned above. But it is easier to get reciprocal link then one-way link (In case that your site is quality, of course. For poor websites it is always difficult to gain back links). Anyway relevant reciprocal link is always better then one-way link from unrelated website.

The last factor I will describe in this article is the age of the domain. If you get link from the 5 years old domain the link will have higher value then link from the new site. Many spammers register domains for one year, use them as link farms and when they are banned by search engines (it takes probably less then one year) then they don't renew this domain and register a new one. On the other side, if the site is a few years old and had never used any unfair SEO tactics, search engines give this site higher importance.

So if you are trying to improve link popularity of your website, don't forget that it is not only about pagerank. You need links from quality websites. Making your website the best in your field is the right way how to get these valuable links.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Boost Your Traffic For Free !

For most people, getting high-quality targeted visitors to their site is probably one of the "hardest" things to do ... unfortunately it's also the most important.
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